Sunday, May 21, 2006

Volumetrics - The Eating Well Podcast

The Eating Well Podcast #013 - Volumetrics Michelle and Steve introduce volumetrics and talk about how you can use volumetrtics to eat more and weigh less! The term "Volumetrics" was coined by Dr. Barbara Rolls Ph.D and introduced to the world in her book The Volumetrics Eating Plan Published by HarperCollins (ISBN 0-06-07373729-8). You can learn more about the book and read a review here.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Links updated

The good folks at and have made it possible to republish shows 001, 02, and 003! For all the folks that were interested in getting shows from the archive, I have updated the feed and the links in the website. The link on this posting will take you directly to the listing with all sorts of various links and formats including the ability to stream the shows to a compatible player. Check it out! Please also consider showing your support for the show with a contribution to our hosts who provide the bandwidth. Donate to Donate to

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Questions and Answers - The Eating Well Podcast

Listener Questions and Answers #012 - The Eating Well Podcast - We're Back! Steve and Michelle respond to some of the email sent in by listeners over during our hiatus. Thanks for your continued interest and support! Listener Anthea Listener Heather Listener Brooks
  • Gaining weight
  • BMI calculator -- CDC Link
  • Healthy BMI is usually between 18 and 24.99
  • BMI does not determine health
  • Foods portions and advise for nutritionally sound weight gain
    • Walnuts and almonds
    • Whole beans
    • Dried fruit
    • Real peanut butter
    • Brown rice
    • Soy
    • Fruit juice
  • Basal metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate
Monica (Moni)
  • Easy balanced menus
  • Meals for a busy person
  • Variety - Color method
  • Extra virgin olive oil and canola oil
  • Free radicals
  • Tips for using these oils
  • Matt, it could be the pan
  • Ovo-lacto vegitarianisim
  • Veggies, Fruit, Whole Grains, Oh my!
  • Meal Snack replacement bars
  • Luna bar
    • Lemon Zest
    • Nutz Over Chocolate
    • Chocolate Peppermint Stick
  • Kashi GoLean bars
  • Eating well on the road
  • Environmental control away from home
    • Dried fruit and nuts
    • Make an extra stop
    • Airport concessions (choose wisely and bring your wallet)
    • Plan to use additive environmental control
    • substitute less than ideal menu options
    • When you find something good, stock up
  • Burnt food = Cancer?
  • Well, we don't know either
  • Recumbent stationary bike
  • Gazelle - It's more funner!
  • Suggestion for a show on controlling food craving or binge eating
  • Environmental control!
  • What to do when you blow it
  • 20 minutes to determine saitety
    • Walk
    • Subtractive environmental control
    • Bath/shower
    • Reading
    • Telephone
  • Resturant choices beyond the salad
    • Grilled or steamed veggies
    • Plain potato w/ skin
  • Bread options at major chain market
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