Monday, October 03, 2005

Fats - The Eating Well Podcast

UPDATED LINK! Fats! #003 The good the bad and the ugly. Follow up question from Sue in Ohio. -- Thank You Sue! We talk about Grazing all day long Michelle recommends breaking your caloric intake up: 30% at breakfast 40% at lunch 30% at dinner and having carbs, fat and protein at every meal. When should I get my fats in? Consider it fuel for your body. When do you need to fuel up? Before you go out, or after you get back? Fuel-up in the morning instead of using caffeine! Steve tried out some soy meat alternatives. Morning Star Farms Light Life Smart Ground Yves Boca Burger Kudos to Steve for giving them a shot. Soy used as a replacement for meat greatly reduces your fat intake. Fat supplies energy to your body in a compact form. You NEED fats in moderation to feel and be well. Americans get plenty of fat, the problem is they're not choosing the good ones. Question from Amber -- Greets Michelle and not Steve "Hey!" Wants to know about good fats and bad fats. Thanks for the question Amber! Mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated fats - GOOD FATS! - We talk about the health benefits of the good fats for balancing your HDL and LDL. Memory tool: Happy and Lousy. Over the Counter Cholesterol Test Kit Saturated Fats - BAD FATS - Found mostly in animal sources. These fats are required for normal health but should be used in moderation as they tend to raise your LDL or Lousy Cholesterol Trans-Fat - THE UGLY FATS - Cheaper, longer shelf life, but at the cost of your health. Question from GH -- Thank you GH! GH wants to know about Trans-fat and how to know if it's in the food products we buy. Study after study shows that trans-fats can mutate cells in your body, which could lead to cancer. New laws will be forcing manufacturers to display the amount of trans fats in the nutrition facts panel on the package starting in 2006. Check the list of ingredients for trans fats. Some foods that don't typically have labels may have trans-fats. They have long shelf lives and and may be available in convenience stores because they're cheaper to produce, display for sale and stock than more perishable products. In-n-out burger cooks their fries in cotton-seed oil which is trans-fat free. (CA, AZ, NV area fast food chain) Special mention to some trans-fat all-stars: Donuts and Stick Margarine. So instead of using these trans-fatty products just use real butter, just remember to use it in moderation. You don't need butter. Good fat
sources to include with moderation: Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts - Dry roasted or Raw, unsalted, and no coatings or coverings. 1 ounce is plenty. Olive Oil and Canola Oil. Look for extra virgin. Choose these over other fats. Still exercise moderation, you don't NEED these fats, but they are far better than the alternatives. Try the Misto to help you minimize the amount of oil you're using to cook with. Try Fish, good for protein, and some have those great Omega III fatty acids. Salmon, Cod, Sardines, Tuna. Remember it matters how you cook them. Avocado - good for fat content - not so hot with calories. Omega III fatty acids are great for heart health. We talk Flax and Michelle recommends flax meal. Flax Meal should be stored in its original package, and kept in the refrigerator. Fat-Reduced Products to help you reduce the Bad and eliminate the Ugly out of your dietary fat intake.
We recommend the SmartBeat Mayo, and Butter Spray. Steve likes the ICBINB Spray. Big recommendation for Walden Farms Brand products! Try the marshmallow dip! Fat free dairy. Milk, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream. You may not be able to switch from full-fat to no-fat products overnight, but you can work them in slowly. Soon they will be your preference, and you'll be cutting out a lot of fat. Remember that we'd like you to replace the foods you normally eat with these lower fat or better fat foods. It does you no good to simply add these foods. Michelle mentions the Golden Circle Eggs which contain Omega III's. And then we wrap up with more tips on Trans-Fats - Restaurants use them to reduce costs and Convenience food items. IN THE NEWS: Slate - 40th birthday of the 7-11 Slurpee Reno Gazette Journal - Hagen Daz vs The Slurpee Try the Crystal Light or Diet Pepsi Slurpee for huge calorie savings.